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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STRFPak?

STRFPak is a Matlab toolbox for estimating the spatio-temporal receptive fields (STRFs) of sensory neurons from their responses to arbitrary stimuli. It includes two different measures to quantify goodness of fit. The package includes a graphical user interface.

How do I obtain STRFPak?

The direct download links have been disabled temporarily while we switch to the new web site format. Please contact Frederic Theunissen for access to the software.

Is STRFPak free software?

STRFPak is completely free and open source. However, it is a Matlab toolbox, and Matlab is not an open source package.

Which required systems does STRFPak need?

STRFPak runs on any system that can run Matlab. Several Matlab tooboxes are also required: Signal Processing Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox and Optimization Toolbox.

In which language is STRFPak written?

STRFPak is a Matlab toolbox.

What about the following error: "The expression on this line will generate an error when executed. The error will be: Error using ==> vertcat All rows in the bracketed expression must have the same number of columns." or "Index exceeds matrix dimensions"?

"Vercat" error message usually tells us something wrong with your input data selection. You may go back to the main window and click "Get Files" button. The rightmost list box in the "Get Input file" window shows your selection: the data set should include stimuli and response data in this exact order. First field is stimulus and the second field is neuron response data. If you reverse this order, you may get this error.

What about the following error: "Undefined function or variable: hanning"?

"Undefined function or variable: hanning " means your matlab does not include hanning.m function. "hanning" function belongs to Matlab signal processing toolbox. If your matlab does not have this toolbox, you will get this error.